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Real Estate

Buying a home is the largest single purchase most people make in their lifetime, so the legal consequences of mistakes or omissions during the buying/selling process can be costly. It is essential that you allow a residential real estate attorney to review your purchase contract before you sign it. The real estate attorney also will answer any questions you may have about your mortgage loan and details of the contract(s). Should there be other attorneys or real estate agents involved, then we will assist you in your interactions with them. We especially recommend this practice for first-time home buyers.

Because we have provided advice and representation to North Carolina home buyers and sellers, builders, developers, and contractors for 30-plus years, we have the expertise needed to cover the wide range of issues encountered by individuals and businesses seeking to purchase, sell, or develop North Carolina real estate.

Larry Pearman will not only negotiate on your behalf, but he will also make sure that your contract adheres to all state laws and addresses any issues that might affect the future use of the property.

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