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LLCs & Incorporations

When an individual is contemplating starting his/her own business, he/she generally wants to form either an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or a Corporation (generally, Subchapter S). Both allow for the person to make the Profit and Loss Statement (Schedule C) of their business part of their regular income tax filing and reporting. Professionals also use LLCs in their businesses by placing a “P.A.” after the LLC designation. It stands for Professional Association. This is commonly used by attorneys, CPAs, etc. 

There are many differences between an LLC and a Corporation; and one must be careful to make the right choice. With both a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Law Degree, Larry Pearman is uniquely qualified to assist individuals in choosing the right legal entity that suits your needs and best protects your assets.  

So before downloading an incorporation form from one of those “free legal websites,” call Larry Pearman Law. It may cost you a few dollars; but it will save you hundreds.

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